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Earn Money By Link Shortner – Adshrink.it



Adshrink.it said to be the most profitable URL Shortener in the world. How? As a publisher, you get 80% of its advertising revenue.

Born in 2016 it is considered one of the most reliable url shorteners on the web, surely the favourite among those that have web sites that generate a large number of views. It is also chosen for its solid programming structure which does not create failing issues so to give its users a well-ordered working platform.


Along, Adshrink.it gives you the best analytical tools for your links  and a staggering browser extension to shorten your URLs

Now some flavor to get you to start using Adshrink.it. It has got 50,000+ registered Users, already achieved 300,000+ shortened links and already clicked 20,000,000+ links. What more? Use Adshrink.it right away to boost your income.

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